Bitcoin The Emerging Virtual Currency That’s Sweeping The Casinos

Bitcoin has become a vital part of the Casino scene and is being used more and more often by players to fund their accounts.

Two points that gamblers consider when using Bitcoin as a preferred payment method is the fact that it carries a very low transaction fee and fund transfer is very fast.

Understanding Bitcoin

Bitcoin is digital currency and an online payment system also known as cryptocurrency. The way it works is through a software ‘wallet’ that is stored on each owner’s computer, this allows them to be able pay for services and goods worldwide. It is not subjected to the variances of flat currency (the currency of your country), its open source and not owned by any single entity. Bitcoins can be exchanged for normal (Flat) currency and vice-versa using Bitcoin exchanges. All payments are enacted through wallets is completely secure, anyone can use a computer, smart-phone, tablet or other mobile device.

Bitcoins a Boon For Gamblers at Casinos

Using a digital currency such as Bitcoins to fund a casino account has advantages.

Because Bitcoins are not subject the variances of the flat currencies players like the steady bakance. This Cryptocurrency is accepted universally at any point of service for purchasing goods and services, a long as the service provider also has a Bitcoin wallet. The actual transaction between Bitcoin wallets is seamless, fast and efficient as well as being totally secure. It is also fast becoming a payment that many players prefer to use due to the fact that its anonymous.

Free Chip

Cafe Casino is offering a $100 free chip to all new players who sign up with them, players accounts can be opened using Bitcoin as their preferred payment processor.