US Couple Win $2.4m On MGM Grand Casino Playing On Lion Share Slots Machine

MGM Grand has announced that Walter and Linda Misco who come from New Hampshire are the winners of the long-awaited Lion's Share payout. Plus the Misco’s may also get to keep the Lion's Share machine.

The American couple played for just five minutes when they saw the three green emblems line up on the jackpot payline, and they found they had won the $2.4m (£1.45m) jackpot nm this anticipated slot machine.

The Casino spokesperson said that they had waited 20 years for this! And it finally hit for $2.4 million.

He Lion’s Share machine had attracted many punters for two decades because of this incredible jackpot which had accumulated over the 20 years.

The Lion's Share has been the most popular slot of all of the 1,900 slot machines at MGM Grand, over the years it was played almost once every five seconds daily.

Justin Andrews, spokesperson of MGM Grand said that the game got played about five time more than the average on other machines. He also mentioned that the staff of MGM Grand got asked about the machine multiple times each day where the game is, and from people who have never played on it before.

The machine had its own reputation, even has a Twitter account, @mgmlionsshare, also its popularity was fuelled in a Wall Street Journal article earlier this year which highlighted its amazing bounty.

According to the laws in Nevada, slot machines are required, by law, to pay out 75% of the money received.

Now it has finally relinquished its magnificent jackpot, this last of the machines installed in the 1990’s - a $1-a-go – will be retired.

MGM Grand is now considering whether they will let the Misco’s have the machine.