Mobile Devices Agility For Popularity Over PCs For Casino Gaming

The International Game Technology have sold their, online gaming business Double Down Interactive at just the right time.

Many Social casino players will be shying away from many apps such as the Double Down that offer a very large wide range of games instead of the single-genre apps, I’d be according to a report in this week by a SuperData Research, this is a1 provider of market data for the digital games industry.

Double Down t he Las Vegas-based slot manufacturer and gives the gamers an opportunity to play slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, bingo and poker, this has been sold for $825 million last month to a South Korea-based company. The Double Down’s revenue declined during 2016.

According to SuperData the 0fading popularity of the multigenre social casino apps are being being driven by the gamers switching play away, from their personal computers to the mobile phones and tablets.

The social gamers percentage playing on PCs has dropped to 49%, however, mobile phone users have risen to 85%, according to a poll by the agency.

Social casino gamers that play multigenre apps such as Double Down play on PCs, because the larger screen on PC’S offers “a visually interesting casino lobbies,” that according to Carter Rogers, who is the research manager at SuperData.

PC’s social casino gamers are declining as the percentage of the over all market. The most profitable clients for casino app makers. PC gamers generally play 69 minutes per session and also spends almost $80 per month, compared mobile gamers who spend 57 minutes and $40.

On average the PC gamer spends about $629 on a multigenre app, and $556 on slots on the course of approximately nine months before they jump to new social casino games, according to SuperData.

Many of the Mobile players get quite bored with the gamer faster and they switch to new casino apps on about every 7.5 months. On that time, most players spend about $250 on the multi-genre and $324 on slot games.

The multigenre games account for about 31% of total the social casino gaming revenue for PCs and 24% on mobile phones, according to SuperData.