Sunrise Slots Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

The name of the game here is having a very small selection of slots that can be played rapidly and are quite fun. If you want something that is easy to get into, and pays out quickly, then this site is perfectly suited to you. No matter what you are into, however, you can appreciate how finally tuned the package is here.

About Casino

Being a nice mix of simple games with some good themes, this is a fairly low-key casino compared to some of the others. What they make up for it, however, is by having a very nicely curated catalog that will cater to particular users. It's the kind of site that you will either love or hate, and if you do love it, there's always more for you here!

Best Slots to Play Around the Site

With so many games available, it is hard to pick our favorite. We definitely do think that some of them stand out above the rest, however, and deserve special mention.

One of them is Ape King slots, which is their take on the king Kong genre. It features an ape just as big as any of them you have seen, and winnings that are equally as fierce. Although it's not going to impress you with its innovation, and certainly not it's gameplay, it will impress you with the return to player, and the fast pace of it all.

Alongside of that big monkey are some of the more traditional games, such as Froot Loops wild X slots. This is a slot machine game styled after the classics in a Vegas casino. It even looks like it was 3-D rendering on an old-time arcade machine. If you want something simple, familiar, and to the point, games like this are wildly popular for a reason. There is an entire franchise just based around this one game!

Aside from that, and you will find some other story book themed games which are very similar to a low budget Disney. One of them is called five wishes slots. This Aladdin themed game features pretty much everything you would expect from a Disney film, only with a much lower budget. It does not like it anyway all the charm, however! You will fall in love with it just as you do the films, especially the special bonus rounds that are features.

Secret No Deposit Bonus Codes for Keen Players

They have all kinds of bonus codes for this site that are given out all throughout the year. Many of them are on deposits, but as we are happy to tell you, many of them also have nothing to do with putting money down! If you don't want to take any risk, and are prudent enough that you don't even want to risk money changing hands, that sometime throughout the year, they are going to have a nice code for you.

Free Money Bonus Code for Signing Up

When you are making deposits, or otherwise playing one of their many games, they also have different bonus codes for you to enjoy as well. These free money codes are just as they sound. Whenever you do something on the site, or are making a deposit, you will get free money to either use on the casino, or to use alongside your initial deposit. This amount cannot exceed the amount of money that you cash out by, but it can instantly be turned into real money if you were to play any of the games, which we all know you're going to do!

Free Chip Incentives

You can get free chips to put down on the casino if you use one of the many bonus codes, or use some of your loyalty points that you have built up. As long as you are a frequent player, points like these will accrue. If they do, you are more than welcome to use them or any of the slot machine games that you see featured across the website. There is an a single thing here, outside of tournaments, that you won't be able to use it on. And even then, however, you are still free to use it on most tournaments!

How Do You Get a Bonus Code For Different Things?

Pretty much any of the different ways you can get a bonus code are laid out very clearly on the website. If we were to sum up many of them, however, there are a few key varieties. If you want a bonus code for playing a game, they have a promotion going on pretty much every month, sometimes multiple times a month, for particular games. If you follow their blog or signed up, you will be notified about these ahead of time, and be able to plan your gambling accordingly.

In addition to that, you were also able to get bonus codes around major holidays. If there is a holiday coming around, it is safe to assume that there is going to be an associated bonus code with it. If you simply have a calendar, these are pretty easy to predict.

Alongside those other ways of getting codes, he will also be giving many of them for simply spending a lot of time on the website as a loyal user. The more loyal you are, the more they are inclined they are to give you free loyalty points. These loyalty points can be used for playing any of their games. When you turn those loyalty points into real money by winning, you are then intern granted the ability to cash out.

Lastly, if you use bitcoin, you will also typically be giving an opportunity to get a nice code. We will go over that more later in the bitcoin section, however.

Free Play Code for VIPs

If you want to play any other games for free, but you don't have to worry about getting a coat. Pretty much everything that you see on the website can be played for free. At least as far as playing it. If you can see something on the site loading, and you have an account, all you have to do is click spin, and you are playing immediately!

Generous Bitcoin Bonus Codes

If you use bitcoin, you can also get all kinds of free goodies. These come in the form of free spins, free cash out bonuses, and even free deposit bonuses. Pretty much every transaction you can make on the website has a bitcoin bonus associated with it, so it's best to get used to bitcoin immediately. The more you use it, the easier it gets, and the more you get paid for having done so with codes like these.

How to Deposit On the Site

They have handy guide it's on the website that will walk you through making a deposit in any number of ways. Whether you're using bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, or something in between, it's very easy to get your money into the website. It's also very easy to get your money out of the website, although we do recommend using bitcoin for that. As we said before, they give you special bonus codes if you use bitcoin, making it somewhat silly to do it in any other way. They also don't allow you to take money out of it using certain transaction methods, largely due to protection on both of your parts. And let's be real, do you really want to pay taxes on your winnings? Of course not. Use Bitcoin.