Sevens And Stripes Slots

The website has a great review of the Bovada Casino on it. And this particular casino has lots of different slot games you should download and play as well. One rather different one is the Sevens and Stripes slots which is definitely worth a try if you love slots games. Let's see what you can expect when you try it out.

How many reels and paylines does this game have?

It doesn't look like any other slots game you'll find on this site. It has just three reels in play and one single payline. This is great if you want to keep things simple and you don't want to waste time figuring out how many paylines to play with.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in play here?

Once again this game of Sevens and Stripes is slightly different because you have to figure out how much you want to bet before you can start the game proper.

At the bottom of the playing screen you will see five different denominations set out in British pounds. These range from five pence to two pounds. Select the one you want and wait for the screen to change to reflect this.

Once this is done you need to decide whether you want to wager one, two or three coins on each game. Make your selection and then spin the reels!

What symbols are involved in the game?

The theme here is red, white and blue, as you will see from the pay table. This has all the symbols laid out for you and you will soon be able to see what kind of sevens you can match up to win.

There are three different types of bar symbols in play as well, the best one of which is the blue triple bar symbol.

Does it matter how many coins I bet each time?

Yes it does - each extra coin wins you extra prizes when you come up trumps with a winning line. For example three blue sevens with one coin wagered will win you one hundred credits. The same line with two coins will win double this, and three coins for the same line will win three hundred credits.

Try your luck now with the Sevens and Stripes slots

If you want to get back to basics and try a slots game with just one line to focus on, this one is among the best of the lot. Will you strike it lucky tonight?