Shaaark! Slots

Although this game has a scary title, Shaaark! is not meant to terrify. Instead, this is a tongue in cheek video slot that pokes fun at the triangle-finned horrors of the deep and the movie genre that they spawned. The graphical look and feel of this game is pure caricature - it's designed to amuse more than frighten, and it achieves this with the use of some appropriately campy sound effects and music, plus cool animations whenever symbols form part of a paying combo. It's a decently game, too - the top prize you can achieve on it is $80,000! Venture into the water with Shaaark! toda - you can dip your toes in at your nearest online casino and see if it bites.

Swimming Lessons

Playing Shaaark! is dead easy - you'll sink your teeth into this one in no time. There are only two major decisions you need to take. The first is how many pay lines you wish to play: Shaaark! Supports up to 25 possible paths from left to right. Playing multiple pay lines essentially gives you the option to play more than one game simultaneously - each extra line gives you another opportunity to reap a winning combo from the same spin. The second decision is how much money to bet on each pay line. Shaaark! accepts any size of bet between 1c and $10, so you've got some flexibility here. Then just click the big yellow Spin button, and hold thumbs!

Fin in the Water

The pay table for Shaaark! Get its feet wet with a set of symbols based on playing cards, 9 through Ace. These tend to bite more regularly than most. However, you'll get more of a mouthful from symbols higher up the pay table such as the No Swimming Sign, the Lacerated License Plate, the Bitten Board, and Scarpering Seal. There's also a dude floating around on an inner tube looking none to happy about the prospect of being chewed on.

Survival is a Bonus

Although Shaaark! Is a perfect candidate, it doesn't feature a dedicated bonus mini game. However, it's still keen to hand out bonus coin in the form of a free spins feature. If you manage to hit at least three Scatter symbols, regardless of where on the reels they fall, you trigger a number of free spins that you can use to swell your bankroll. How many you get depends on how many Scatters triggered the bonus feature, but one thing is for certain: hit this, and you're in the money!