Silver Fang Slots

The great white north and the frozen tundra is the setting for Silver Fang, one of the newest slot games from Microgaming. Like all Microgaming games. Splendid graphics and game play make this a very special game that is a significant contribution to the Microgaming collection.

Cool Combos

Five reels and 50 paylines make this a huge game with opportunity for many bets per spin. Coin values may be set to the player’s choice between 1¢ and 5¢ and up to 500 coins may be bet per play, making the maximum bet $25. This is a range that casual players will find appealing, but it is below the level of risk that serious high rolling players will want.

The big jackpot on Silver Fang is 1000 coins and the second level jackpot is a generous 750 coins.

Silver Symbols

The images used throughout Silver Fang evoke the stark and beautiful tundra north of the Arctic Circle. Card indices from 10 through A are used as the lower level symbols. The higher end is handled by strikingly beautiful images created for the game including a Howling Wolf, a Caribou and a Paw Print. Furthermore, in winning combos, the symbols are extremely well animated. Most notably, the howling wolf is realistic and attractive.

Further enhancing the game, the music and sounds on this slot game are first rate. Many otherwise fantastic games totally overlook the audio aspect of play. Silver Fang is a great exception, and we hope is indicative of a trend in this direction.

Wolfish Wildcards

Silver Fang, the Wolf symbol, serves as the wildcard in this game, substituting for any other symbol in winning combinations with the usual exception of the scatter symbol. During free spin phases of play, the wildcards stack, so if the wildcard appears anywhere on a reel, it serves in all the combinations. The wildcard, however, does not provide any multiplier.

The scatter symbol, the Paw Print, on the other hand, provides not only access to the free spins but it also provides multipliers up to 5x the normal winnings.

All the symbols used, including the well rendered card indices, are animated when in winning combos, contributing to the really great look and feel of this game.

Spend a Night in the North!

This is a simple game without a lot of specialized side games. It does, however, offer a wonderful, rich and unusual look and feel that sets it apart from the bulk of traditional style slot games.

So get settled in your favorite gaming place, turn the lights down low and the sound on your computer up and really enjoy Silver Fang Slots tonight!