Swept Away slots

Swept Away Slots is a fun, funny and exciting traditional three-reel single payline slot game that is easy to understand and to play, and offers a variety of options for the moderate level slot game player. Join and play at Swept Away slots at Liberty Slots Casino!

Castaway Imagery

When the player logs onto Swept Away he or she is greeted with a deserted beach and the bamboo and palm Swept Away logo. On the right side of the screen the pay table is fixed, as is typical on traditionally styled slot games, on the right side of the screen. The color scheme is an aesthetically pleasing meld of blues, green and sandy gray-tan.

The sounds on Swept Away are simply those of casino white noise with an overlay of machine sounds of whirring and clinking and beeping when the game is in action. Because we like the other aspects of this game so much, we were rather hoping for more when it comes to the audio.

Island Symbols

The symbols used on Swept Away build the theme of a shipwrecked castaway on a tropical island. On the low end, single, double and triple bars serve as symbols. The twist is that instead of being labeled “Bar”, as is customary, they are wittily labeled with “SOS”. The other symbols include Bonfires and the Swept Away Logo as well as a Life Raft, but the Raft symbol is worthless and does not contribute to any winning combinations.

Three bars, mixed from the single, double and triple types, returns double the player’s bet. Additionally, a single Logo returns double the player’s bet, and two Logos returns five times the player’s bet.

The big money starts with three Bonfires which, if they hit on the payline, pays 300 coins when three coins are played.

The most desirable symbols are the Swept Away Logos. If a single Logo shows up, double the player’s bet is returned. When two logos come up, five times the players bet is returned. Three logos anywhere on the screen, but not lined up on the payline, gets a 1000 coin reward, and three Logos lined up on the payline gets a whopping 4000 coins!

Island Treasures

Coin values may be set by the player to denominations ranging from 10¢ and $10. One, two or three coins may be bet on each spin, so the minimum bet is 10¢ and the maximum, $30, making this game most appealing to those seeking a moderate level of risk as opposed to the high roller.

The jackpots, however, will appeal to any player! The big pot on Swept Away amounts to 4000 coins, or a stunning $40,000 at the $10 coin level! Even at the 10¢ coin level, it comes to a generous $400. The second level pot is 1000 coins and from there it goes down to 300 coins.