Voyager's Quest 20 Lines Slots

Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world? Of course most people have had a wish to do so at some time in their lives. Here’s your chance to travel the world by using a multiple choice of travel vehicles, from your train, or on a ship, by airplane or even in a hot air balloon. A 5 reel slot game that will get you to your dream destination using a variety of colorful icons, together with lots of fun, come on a journey to your favorite destination with Voyager’s Quest 20 lines slots at your favorite casino.

You are on the fast track to win with slot games

Voyager’s Quest like any other slot game has basic rules that work with most slot games. Once the software is downloaded, your account signed up, you can set your limits on how much you wish to play. Fun is the name of the game, and you are in for a journey of fun with Voyager’s Quest. Choose your symbols, spin the reels and watch your balance increase with your winnings.

Thus begins your world tour

This 5 reel, 20 pay lines game with so many interesting chances of visiting destinations you only dreamed about. At the same time your chances of winning increase exponentially with the number of symbols used. With 20, 22, and 25 symbols each offering chances ranging from, 3, 200, 000 right up to the maximum of 9, 765, 625. Choose your coin value from one cent up to five dollars. With a maximum bet of $ 100, you stand a chance of winning the 2500 coin Jackpot.

Choose your destination and spin your reels

Animations, and music with great symbols, pack your suitcase, with your compass, and get on your airplane to visit these well known destinations, and see and hear Big Ben in action, visit the Tower of Pisa, next stop the Eiffel Tower, or try another mode of transport, take a hot air balloon ride, or your favorite locomotive, prefer to take a cruise using a ship, then travel inland by car or cab. Your wild card is the Airplane, and Scatter the suitcase and compass.

Watch for the special bonus

Bonus free spins are on the cards. Plus an extra bonus game with high-roller bets, and auto-play option. Five free spins and the Voyager's Quest Bonus Game increases your chances of winning.