Rich Palms Casino

If you're sick of all the other low budget offerings that feel like they were made back in the 1990s, that you have found the most modern, welcoming, and well designed casino around! They have all the features that everyone else loves elsewhere, combined with an unpack a bowl sense of style, and a well developed website that will make you smile anytime you see it. This is definitely the website to beat, and you won't find anything better elsewhere!

Top Running Casino Software

The main provider of all the games here is real time gaming. RTG is known as the best in the business, providing the greatest features, the greatest winnings, and in general, being a lot greater than any of the competition. The fact that they have real time gaming slots at all is already going to put them heads and tails above the competition. When you add their wonderful web design on top of that, it's very hard to beat!

Lavish Casino Lobby

The mobile lobby here is probably the best looking we have ever seen on any of the online casinos. It has a very modern look to it that takes some of its cues from Apple and similarly high tier design firms. It looks very much unlike other casinos for that reason. And we like that, because a lot of other casinos look like crap!

Here, however, everything looks great, and you can get to all the games on the website from one central location.

This Aussie Casino Accepts USA, Australia, Canada, and European Players

You don't have to worry about being from one particular country to play here! If you are in an area that allows you to read this review, then you can probably play here, and won't run into any restrictions or weirdness. We are personally in the US, but people from Australia, Europe, and Canada are also welcome to play!

Greatest of All Casino Games

All those slot machine games tend to be the bread and butter of online gambling, but they have a lot more than just those to keep you busy. There are many casino games are a welcome change of pace from the usual slot going antics that we enjoy. If you are a fan of card games, and things like crafts, you will love what they have put together here!

Award Winning Casino Slots

They also have the usual collection of us that pokie games that are offered by real time gaming. As we said, these are the best games of the business. When you could use all of your deposit bonuses on all of the most sought after games at once, you'll understand why everybody likes lots by real time gaming. They also offer all of their different games on instant play, meaning that you don't have to worry about loading things up to get to having fun.

Every Online Casino Game for Free

This is part of what we were talking about when we mentioned the instant play. You don't actually have to bet money if you want to play any of the slots. As long as you have an Internet connection and an account, you can start playing all of them immediately. You're not going to get rich doing this, but there is something to be said for having a good time with slots.

Most of Their Online Casino Games for Real Money

If you want to keep things real and add a thrill to your gambling, we recommend putting down real money. They let you do this with ease, and you even get some bonuses and your deposits that result in many of your pets being free. We think that their games are more than worth the price to play, even if you weren't actually winning any money. Don't take our word for it, however. Try it yourself for free, and see how much money you could have one if you were bold enough to bet!

Bright New Slots

Whatever a new title comes out from RTG, they were going to put it near the top of the website. All of the new games tend to be better than the last, at least in terms of production values. Where they tend not to be better or on other minor things. These include things like theme, genre, and bonus rounds. Still, much like new movies, do you know you want to play a new slot but it comes out!

A Variety of Casino Promotions

They probably didn't need to give you any reason to come and enjoy the site. It looks great and plays even better, and feels like a modern take on so many of the outdated slot machines you will see online. They went above and beyond when it comes to their promotions, however, giving you many options as to how they will work.

For starters, they have a great first deposit bonus. You will get 250%, as well as 100% cashback. You can use it on any of their slots, as well as specialty games. The live games and tournaments don't apply here, but they tend not to with these bonuses. They also have a very different second deposit bonus, which makes things feel a little more interesting because it's not quite the same. Rather than having a lower about to ask, you actually get more money on your second deposit! You get 275% bonus, though only 50% cashback care. These have the same terms as the other casino coupon we mention. The final deposit bonus is on the third deposit, being 300% on slot bonuses, and getting 25% cashback. They made this one a little low key because they probably didn't have to do anything to get you to keep playing. Once you've made your first and second deposit, let's face it, you are hooked!

In addition to the sign-up bonuses and deposit bonuses, they also give you casino coupons from time to time for things like free spins, free chips, and reload bonuses. You will also get cashback depending on the time of year, as they have many holiday bonuses going on too.

Tournaments All the Time

Playing alone is great because you can win some real money. Playing with friends, and competitors, however, will bring out a side of you that you didn't know it was there! If you want to increase your chances of winning by letting your skill determine your fate, we definitely recommend checking out their seasonal tournaments. We find them pretty fun, and we're really not all that great at playing the games involved. If someone as bad as us can win, chances are you will clean up!

High Casino Payouts

Because everything comes from real-time gaming, all the casino Payouts are Standardized. You get around 96% as a return rate, which means that if you keep playing long enough, there's a really good chance you're going to win at least something. What you will read is random, so it's as fair as you can get!

Innumerable Rewards

Along with all the different promotions, they have some very generous rewards too. Some of these rewards are similar to VIP rewards that you will see elsewhere. These give you money and cash back the more money you put into it, and the more games you play. There are also some seasonal rewards, so stay on the lookout!

Fully Playable Mobile Casino

In addition to everything else about the site being modern, it has been fully optimized for their mobile casino. Whether you are on android, iPhone, or iPad, it looks amazing, and plays lightning fast!

Above Par Online Casino App

If you don't want to play with them the normal web browser, you can also use their wonderfully tailor-made Mobile lobby. This term is your web browser into an online casino app. You will not be able to tell the difference between them, and an application on your device. It really is that good!

Playing Without Registration is Easy

Even if you don't want to register, they still welcome you to play. You will not be able to play any of the games that feature real money and require it, but everything else, you can still enjoy.

Standardized Casino Affiliate

Most affiliates don't offer very generous terms. Here, however, you can get some of the best terms in the business, being competitive with everything else on the market. They are 100% trusted, give you up to 45% return with revenue share and cost per affiliate, and manage everything from a central dashboard.

Reliable Casino Bookie and Sports Betting

You can also bet on things that have nothing to do with gambling itself, including political events! Being able to vote on your favorite game is also a bonus, and in our experience, a must if you were to get maximum enjoyment!

Funny Casino Blog and Active Forums

The blog and forums or some of the liveliest you will see. They detail the latest gambling news, at times world events, and all the many promotions that go on.

Pretty Great Live Dealer Casino

All online casinos have automated games, but the live dealer games are the unique ones. They feature a real, and usually ravishing, dealer to play an actual game for real money. They look just as good as the women dealing the cards, and play even better!

Deposit Methods and Ways to Cash Out

This is a high-class place, so you have more than one method you can use. Visa, MasterCard, or American Express are fine. You can also use bitcoin, and IGC. Neil surf is also available. Being able to withdraw, you do have some limits over a seven day period, until you were a VIP client. Once you do, however, you can take out as much as you want!

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Bonuses on Payments and Promos

They make no secret about this being the preferred way to pay around here. If you decide to use BTC, you'll get more money for the slots! We're not sure why you would use anything else.

Fun and Friendly Staff of Casino Help Folks

Alongside their award winning design, they have award-winning support. Featuring people as friendly as anyone else in Australia, you can get help with anything you need, usually within a couple of hours if you send an email, and if you do chat, instantly! Their phone support is also great, although we personally don't like talking on the phone.