True Fortune Casino

From the stunning title image to the very long list of payment methods and slot providers, you instantly know that this is going to be a very special place to play. Featuring more games than most of their competitors, more ways to get your money into and out of the side, high production values, and almost unmatched promotions, we can’t think of a more modern and well rounded Slots site on the Internet. Featuring a full suite of Casino Games, this is going to be your new homepage for a while if you are into online gambling!

Best Promotions

Promotions now are common on every single slot site you will find. What mainly differentiates them now is their magnitude, frequency, and what they will allow you to use them on. Here, you get an unequivocally great 200% welcome bonus. This maxes out at $2000, with no special tricks or requirements outside of that. That is a wonderful deal, and something that you won’t have to jump through hoops to get!

They also give you a 100% cashback insurance for table games. You might be wondering what this means, but it basically amounts to speaking to a tech-support person to get a 100% cash back insurance on whatever the first deposit you make is. If you play games with your first deposit and the house wins, you get all of your deposit back. This means there really is no risk when you start! They want you to have a good time and keep coming back so much that they are confident enough to give you your money back quite literally if you lose! At the risk of being redundant, you literally can’t lose with a site like this if you are new to online gambling.

Loyalty Program

In addition to those great promotions, you are also rewarded from being a loyal and frequent player. Every time you make a deposit to the casino, you will get comp points. You have to make at least one deposit to get this, and you get one point for everyone dollar. For every 100,000 points, you could convert that into $100. We will leave the math to you here, as that is personal to every player. What it amounts to, however, is getting free money the more money you put into the casino. You also will get VIP support in other ways, which we will come to later.

Betsoft and Rival Gaming Here Together at Last!

The games are what matter most that online gambling sites, this site being no exception. Usually, a website picks one primary provider of games, and people are very torn between the different leaders in the industry. Some people are diehard fans of rival gaming, while others tend to be betsoft‘s best fans. Usually people have accounts on multiple sites just to get access to their different games. They have solved the problem here, however, by providing both of them on one unified platform, with unifying bonuses and deposit methods!

Alongside them, you also have some of the lesser well-known providers making an appearance as well, which is appreciated. Saucify is one example. No matter which provider you play with, you’re going to enjoy their games, and finally having them all together in one space is delightful!

Casino Games Rule

The kind of games you can play or not limited to just slot machines, either. You have many table games, which most people tend to enjoy far more of the more they get into gambling on the Internet. Card games such as Baccarat, blackjack, and poker or found favorites, but you can also play craps, roulette, and many variations of these. We had a great time trying them out, and they made us feel like we were playing at an actual casino, only with cheaper booze!

Video Poker

If you really get into card games, they also have video poker. This plays much like you would find at a real Las Vegas casino, with deuces wild, double joker, Jack’s or better, and variations of these. We tend to like these ones less than the other table and card games, and for us they could not compete with a live dealer feature. Still, these are popular for a reason, so most people will enjoy their being included in the package.

They also have a full suite of specialty games, the most popular of which is Kino, but they also have different variations of that, such as penguin payday, and cast for cash. Beyond Kino, we cannot recommend these games that much, but they are still fun to try. With your 100% cash back insurance on your deposit, you can also try them without risk. They count them as a practice run, and the risk itself evaporates quickly.

Lovely Live Dealers

By far, the best way to play casino games here is the live dealer feature. The lovely ladies running the different live dealer games are gorgeous, and the play itself is a lot more interesting than a standard online card game. It’s not as good as actually being next to flesh and blood human beings in a real casino, but if you’re in during a pandemic, this is about as close as you can get! You could also do it in your underwear, which we can’t say for any of the Las Vegas casinos out here. At least if you look like us. If you look like one of these lovely ladies, I don’t think anyone would complain if you joined a game in your undergarments!

Infinite Banking Options

The banking options here, as we said, are very diverse. Whether you use Visa, MasterCard, SKRIL, bitcoin, or any of the menu things they have included here, you will find a way to get your money into the website, and out just as quickly. They even offer wire transfers, although those are only eligible for withdrawal. Pretty much every payment method besides that is available for deposit, with most of them being available for withdrawal as well if they are not sometimes tied to a credit card.

To make a withdrawal, you have to provide some documentation, but that’s true if any of the sites. If you have a copy of an ID or passport, a utility bill showing you are the real you, the credit card or payment method used to make the deposit, sign a form, and take a picture of all of them together for support, you can get your money quickly. This is not done to impede you cashing out, but to prevent fraud. The easiest way for people to scam this website would actually be to claim your hard earned winnings. To prevent this, and to prevent pissing off players, they have to know who you are and prove it before they’re willing to give you your winnings. It did not take on, however, an operator just as efficiently as all of their competitors.

Best Support Around

Their customer support here is great, and you can contact them in any form you would like. Their slowest method of response is email, with most people preferring their live chat feature. They’re there pretty much always, no matter where you are in the world, or what time you contact them. This can’t be said of their telephone numbers, which do have some hourly and regional variations. They have different lines for different parts of the world, but for the most part, if you need support, you are best off going to live chat.

VIP Bonuses Abound

As we said before, frequent players get treated well around here. If you get upgraded to VIP, you get lots of extra goodies and perks. The VIP club here will allow you to experience faster forms of getting your cash out of the casino, larger bonuses when you win, bigger cash back offers, and priority support. You also get real world gifts sent straight to you, which is a first for sites like these according to what we have seen! Sometimes they send things you would actually want too, they’re not just cards or random crap. You can get cameras, iPhones, iPads, and even game consoles at times. Stuff you actually want, just for being such a good player! Joining the club is by invitation only, so you would have to wait for them to contact you. The only way to get in is to keep playing, however, so as long as you are a frequent flyer here, you are bound to get in eventually, and enjoy all of the various free perks.

If you use bitcoin, you also get many of other bonuses, such as cash back bonus is, deposit bonuses, and related things. It’s a way to play, and what we will strongly recommend.

Summing Up a Winner

As you can see, this is a very well rounded casino that is hard to compete with. They have games from all of the top providers, wonderful bonuses and promotions, and every transaction method under the sun. We have not one criticism about the website, other than we wish we had more time to play here!