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Real Time GamingIt’s been more than 10 years since Real Time Gaming (RTG) Casino Software was first founded in the southern US capital of Atlanta, Georgia. The developers wanted to create the total online casino software package, providing the best experience for players as well as for the site owners and operators. And if the software’s popularity is anything to go buy, then one could argue that they have succeeded in meeting their goals.

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Double the Fun

Are you a dire online casino fan? Do you want to get the most gaming that you can at one time? Then you will definitely want to check out some casinos that are powered by Real Time Gaming software. On many of these casinos, you’ll be able to play more than one game at a time. Why not spin the slots while you play some poker? You’ll be able to have one game open in a main window and, say, a slots game open in another smaller window. This is a fantastic feature if you’re playing a table game with other online players. While you wait for someone else to take their turn, you can take a few spins!

Get Real with Real Time Gaming

If you want incredible graphics with amazing animation, take a look at a few Real Time Gaming online casinos. On one of my favorite RTG websites, the home page features a roulette wheel so realistic that you want to reach out and touch it. But it’s not just the appearance that is fantastic – it’s the motion. RTG has earned much acclaim for the reality of their games’ movements. In particular, they were much touted for the development of the algorithm which ensures that the dice thrown in the craps game roll and land the way real dice would. They have truly made every effort to deliver the feel of a real casino for each of your senses. The fun, memorable sound effects you’ll enjoy during play will attest to this as well.

Win Big Money with Real Time Gaming

One of the benefits of a Real Time Gaming casino is that there are so many of them. Why does this matter? It matters a great deal if you are a player who likes progressive jackpots. The fact that a number of casinos are linked together on certain progressive games means that the jackpot will build that much faster. You’ll find some pretty impressive award amounts on RTG progressive games, all ready for someone to win them! And it’s not just slots that offer progressive jackpots with RTG sites. Try progressive Caribbean Stud Poker, Caribbean Draw Poker, or Caribbean Hold’em Poker. Or enjoy some unusual progressive slots like Mid-life Crisis with gold medallions, a balding baby boomer and some of his favorite things. Or The Shark, where you can win extra spins in ‘treasure chests’ or win extra points against the shark by guessing if a drawn card will be higher or lower than one showing.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. With over 13 table games and 100s of slots, you won’t run out of new games to try. Plus, chat features, tournaments, poker rooms, and great promotions will keep you coming back to your favorite RTG site.


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