Zombie FC Slots

Zombie FC Slots

We are a big fan of zombie games. The gorier, the better! Anytime we see a drop of blood and the signature groans from people hobbling along and missing some of their skin, we get all giddy inside. This probably makes us weird, but we know we are in good company considering the success of TV shows and comics like The Walking Dead. If you are a fellow zombie fan, this game hits all the right notes for you. It looks amazing, is authentically inventive, resembles no other game on the market, and even includes some nice little touches for sports fans too. They really made a game like a few others on the market here, and it’s the best zombie theme sports game we have played.

What’s the FC About?

If you are wondering what the FC has to do with anything, this game is a football/soccer themed game. Alongside zombies of course. It’s zombies playing soccer, because as we all know, that is what they are want to do. Any time we’ve personally seen zombies in real life, of which there are many, we always see them kicking around the ball. Joking aside, this game appeals equally as well two fans of soccer and zombie culture, although it is leaned a little bit more towards zombies. We’re happy for that, because there are plenty of soccer games on the market already, and they tend to be somewhat boring and uneventful.

The graphics here are truly the star of the show. They have taken the time to make beautifully rendered illustrations of zombies for filling all of the many rolls of a soccer game. From the players to the referees to the fans themselves, you can find zombies all over the place. This is a nice touch, as rather than relying on simply having zombie parts here and there, you have full character illustrations and portraits that are full of emotion. Even if this game didn’t have the zombie theme, simply having all of the elements here in the way that they have been brought together would be enough to make it very expressive and enjoyable to play.

Nice Gameplay Too

The gameplay is definitely out of the ordinary in someways, however. For starters, there are 243 ways to win. This alludes to the complex matching schemes present when it comes to the lines. This is something that you won’t find in many other games of this kind. This makes the minimum bet $.50, the maximum about $100, and the maximum wind before multiplier is $1200. This takes care of everything when it comes to keeping things interesting. On top of that, they also have progressive multipliers that you get after each consecutive win. This increases the total prize money, and keeps everything interesting long into the night as you play.

In addition to the nice progressive jackpot element that I have added here, you also have your usual suite of symbols to match. We won’t go into too much of the details here because some of them are actually blood splatters, but picture all the different positions and icons associated with soccer, then throw some blood on them and make them kind of zombie like. That’s pretty much it, which we don’t say in a derogatory manner. It’s wonderfully executed and beautifully done. Beautiful may not be the right word here, but you know what we mean. You can tell they worked hard and did a really good job to make something that looks absolutely disgusting and grotesque. We love it!

Innovative Concepts

After every win, you get new symbols. Once you win, these symbols will then disappear. They get replaced with other ones that can give you even more wins, and things just stack on top of itself from there. It’s very progressive in more than one way, and you’ll be surprise just how far this goes to make everything interesting and addictive.

One thing we were definitely change about this game is that we would like it to become a franchise. We could easily see this game being a franchise across all sports that people care about. This means basically everything but field hockey and archery. Hell, big zombie themed versions of those too! Leave no sport unturned. Make them all zombies, even the UFC. We would love to see that.

On top of that, we would love to see a little bit more when it comes to the progressive jackpot elements. Although their version of it is appreciated, it is not a true progressive jackpot in the sense most people are used to. It’s somewhat of a halfway compromise for one. This is better than nothing, and we would not throw it away. We would still like something meteor, however.

Bovada Bonuses

As far as bonus rounds go, because it is provided by Bovada gaming, it has pretty much the same bonus round you would find in the rest of their catalog. One of them is always free spans. We love those, we would not trade the free spins feature for anything else. After that is the tumbling reels future. If you match enough of the right things, you can have everything fly by you to increase your chances of winning. This also plays into your chances of winning the progressive jackpot as well. They are nice touches, but by no means revolutionary or innovative.

One thing we will see about this game is that it is intentionally not for everybody. If you were not a fan of zombies before, we doubt this game will change your mind. Some people react very viscerally to blood, guts, and gore. They simply can’t take that sort of thing, and would prefer not to view it. We understand that quite well, I would recommend the squeamish maybe don’t play this game. It is certainly not over the top and it just tasteful way, but everything here is covered in blood, even the backgrounds.

Great Game for Fans, but Likely Not for Others

On top of that, if you are a verse to games that are on the simpler side, or complex line mechanics, you might not like this game that much, either. It does make you think a little bit about the lines that you could match, which other games prefer to avoid in favor of letting you feel more immersed. We personally enjoy the additional engagement that they have provided here. If you do not think you would, however, you’re welcome to find another game. There are plenty of games out there that are simpler and played it a lot safer, including The theme.

In short, this is a game for zombie fans above all others. If you want the peak of the genre, you have definitely found it here. Outside of zombie fans, soccer fans will also find a lot to enjoy, as it pokes fun at their sports and does it in a good-natured way. Pretty much everyone else, however, will get by on the game play alone. If you aren’t well versed in horror movies or anything resembling blood, however, we can’t see a slot machine game like this one changing your mind. It is not cute, cuddly, or anything of that kind. That’s why we love it as a nice change of pace!