Caribbean Gold Slots

Ahoy mateys! We all know when the smell of coin is in the air, we will sail and pirate our way to the gold know matter the cost. Who knows? Maybe at the end of the adventure we ship ourselves off to a Caribbean vacation? Caribbean gold is a fantastic new online video slot by Wager Gaming Technology. They have for us a 5 reel, 25 line game with a coin size as high as $1.00 per bet. As an online slot I feel this machine stands up against competitors with impressive graphics and a simple play table design. In between the ships masts you will find the play table showcasing all the perils of sailing at sea including symbols such as: pirates, Jolly Rogers, parrots, cannons, a compass, and the traditional poker symbols masked as the classic 1800's Jacob Riley font. Now what else do we see? alas! The gold we were promised before we embarked on this voyage. Each symbol will collect more coins depending on how many of the symbols show up and multiply the score on the reels. Collecting 3 or more will trigger a win with 5 or more symbols scoring as high as 3000! Before getting started let us get familiar with the table which includes the play table pay lines on the side with the spin button located right next to it. Players can increase their coin bet and line bet in the setting button which appears as a gear.

Bonuses and Features

Caribbean Gold is the company of a lucky crew because every so often we will come across 3 or more golden symbols which will trigger a free spin! During this mini game players will choose between 8 treasure symbols until a match is paired. The paired match will be added to the 10 free games offered during the free spin game. Now, depending on how long we are at sea--players may run into the sunken treasure of the Caribbean. Players who run into this game mode will select from 15 Caribbean islands to locate buried treasure. The buried treasure value is displayed during the round and players must find it. Uncover 3 shipwrecks and unfortunately, your adventure ends abruptly. If players are able to reveal prizes during their dive and enjoy the wealth of whatever you uncover! Keep in mind that players should come up for air when they are feeling like they may discover a shipwreck before they get to claim their reward.

Final Thoughts

Epic journeys across the vast oceans. Orchestra score resembles closely to the Pirates of the Caribbean films. It creates the rush and fun of exploring the unknown and enjoying the riches. The game play is very simple with fun thematic themes to keep us entertained as we embark. I feel the mini games do a great job creating the fun and separating this online slot from others. Go diving for gold or be lucky enough to pull up to some unclaimed treasure!Wager Gaming Technology included plenty of sound bites, fun games, and great ways to win to ensure Caribbean Gold Slots is a hit for all those seeking the gold of the Caribbean islands!