Malt Shop Memories Slots

Oh those days of malt shops...bobby socks...and drive ins...those were the days weren't they? It was common for kids to hang out at the local malt shop eating burgers and milk shakes. Wager Gaming has captured this theme brilliantly with one of their newer slot games...Malt Shop Memories! This slot offers three reels and one pay line and takes you back to the golden age of the 1950s. This slot game is a true classic. The theme in this slot game is incredible with the retro theme. See the young stud leaning on a racy red sports car with his steady in a full skirt and red dancing shoes.

A Time of Bobby Darin & James Dean

Malt Shop Memories can give you a jackpot of 2,000 coins if you bet the max. In addition to the three-Milkshake combo 3 single bars, 3 double bars, 3 triple bars, 3 skates, 3 flags, and 3 burgers render a pay off. If you don't get like symbols on the pay line, you can still win up to six coins by getting one car anywhere on the pay line. Boy...those were the days!

Grab a Milkshake and a Burger

The Malt Shop Memories Wild symbol is the Milkshake. The Milkshake allows you to swap for any other symbol to create a winning combination. It completes any of the other 3 symbol combinations. The Milkshake symbol multiplies your prize times two if one symbol completes a winning combination and multiplies times four if two Milkshake symbols complete a winning combination because the Milkshake is also the Multiplier symbol. Other symbols in this game include the blue car, the one BAR, the two BAR, the three BAR, the roller skate, the flag and the burger. These symbols offer various payout amounts if you can get at least one of any symbol. Then, these coin winnings are multiplied with the bet to determine your prize amount.

Hands free gaming options

Wager Gaming Technology offers the AutoPlay option of up to 500 spins with a slight delay between spins. You have the power to stop your auto spins when you want to...set it up as you would like to. Take a stroll down memory a much simpler time...Malt Shop Memories is there to help you recapture the moment but the fact that there is some pretty big prizes on offer does up the ante!