Betsoft Gaming Opens Up The Magical Gambling Realms With Their Brand New Video Slot Game

3D game creator Betsoft Gaming is about to add a brand new game to their Slots3™ video slots entertainment collection. Alkemor's Tower Slots is the name of this beautifully designed new game, and it is bound to give video slot lovers a fantastical and unmatched betting experience.

Features Of The Game

Alkemor's Tower Slots is a 3D five reel video slot game that is themed around the mythic wizard Alkemor and the mystical fantasy world he is living in. Alkemor is a powerful wizard who knows various forms of magic. The game itself also delivers a magic gambling experience. It provides an extraordinary amount of features. The elemental magic forces of water, fire, air and earth play an important role in these features. Each element has a strong effect on the beautifully animated slot reels.

Players need to spin the right combination of game icons on the video slot reels. As a reward, Alkemor teleports them to the Towers Magical Conservatory level where they need to fulfill a Nature Magic quest. They also have the possibility to go to the Arcane Observatory level for a Celestial Magic free bonus spins experience. There, all standard winnings are doubled if a player makes the right guess during a coin flip game.

Betsoft's View On Their New Game

Mark McKeown, VP of sales and marketing at Betsoft, is proud about the stunning and magical gambling experience that Betsoft displays with their new Alkemor's Tower video slot game. He says that the company is challenging the limits of what is technologically possible when it comes to creating an truly incomparable slot game experience. Especially the elemental magic elements add a unique gameplay variety. This variety, in combination with the wonderful graphics and powerful theme, encourages players to hit the replay button over and over again. Alkemor's Tower Slots is ready to compete in popularity with other Betsoft games, McKeown says.

About The Creator Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft Gaming is widely known as a leading innovator and creator of quality 3D cinematic gambling games. This tier one game developer provides high class gaming software systems for online players. There are over 180 games in their ever expanding collection. Especially the legendary Slots3™ game series are a good showcase of the quality that this company pursues when it creates video gambling games.

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