High Country Casino No Deposit Codes

If you want the biggest welcome bonus we have ever seen, and some cash back that is gratuitously nice, you'll love High Country Casino website. Featuring a monumental progressive jackpot that can make you a literal millionaire, and some pretty decent production values, this is one of the better sites out there. And, you don't need to make a deposit to use some of the codes, either!

Codes All Year

The special bonuses around here are featured all around the year. They take place during major holidays, and through particular events that pop up for the casino. There's no deposit bonus codes available if you browse the website, or, if you have made an account and signed up through email. Either way, you can get some decent money without actually having to put down a deposit at all!

Examples Bonus Codes

As a sample of one of these no deposit codes, they have seasonal birthday promotions, one a year to be exact, depending on when your specific birthday is. As we said, these are limited to once a year, and if you're an active member, you can only use them once. There are some minor restrictions, such as you being unable to cash out on the bonus chips that you get, but everything else is about what you expect. It pretty much is free money to put down on the casino, and play as much, and win is much, as you would like.

They also have a season bonus promotion that goes on every two weeks, which you can use only once. These start on Mondays, and involve regular waging. The most you can get out of these bonus codes is $500. Like all the other codes, you can only use them once, although if you share them with a friend, they are welcome to use them on their own account as well. You need pretty extensive verification to make an account deposit, however, so don't go thinking that you can try to beat the system and use it more than once! Like the other codes, you cannot redeem these for real money, or cash out with the amount that you're given. They only apply to making some free spins, although if you win money on those spins, you're more than welcome to have that.

On top of your birthday and some seasonal goodness, they also have some bonus codes for the anniversary upon which you joined the casino. This anniversary bonus code has much the same terms as everything else. We recommend not making accounts on your birthday for that reason. You don't want to be left out of a really nice code when you can instead access both the birthday code and the anniversary code as long as the dates are not the same! You technically should be able to do it if your birthday was when you made an account, however, you'll just need to contact support in some instances.

You can also get some good no deposit bonus codes if you refer a friend. Every time you refer one to the casino, you get $25 for free. Further, if this well-meaning friend decides to make it apposite, and it's $50 or greater, you will get another free $25! That's about as high as it goes for that promotion, but it's still $50 that you didn't have before.

Codes on Other Games

You can also get various deposit codes during tournaments. These are given for winning, cards, casino games, and any games that are allowed. Because tournaments can be very different, the terms of these are also very different, depending on the tournament. These only count once the tournament ends, however. Prices are always in US dollars, and you will get them credited back to your account. In the case of tournaments, because of the nature of the bonus code, you can actually cash that one out. Assuming you got it!

You also have a normal kinds of bonus codes, which are tied to a deposit. To give you an example of some of these, their welcome bonus is 500%. This is on top of getting 50% cashback, which is probably the biggest bonus we have ever seen in our many days in the online slot machine world. You can use these bonuses mostly outside machine games, and they will tend not to apply to any table games or tournament type features. Still, however, that can be seen as a very large number of free spins, or, as a very decent amount of betting that you otherwise would have had to pay top dollar for.

Bitcoin Codes

If you're smart enough to use bitcoin, you can also use that time to get some additional bonus codes. These will give you some free money anytime you simply use it to cash out or make a deposit. This is probably one of our favorite ways of using bonus codes, because it's something you can do anytime you want, and on your own terms. It really is silly to use any other transaction method because you're throwing money out the window if you miss out on those bonus codes.

How Often Can You Get Them?

How often do these bonus codes come around? You're pretty much going to find the standard ones going around all year, and the seasonal ones happening pretty much once a month. You'll also see some new codes coming out whenever a hot new game has been released. You don't necessarily have to wait to play some of these games until a bonus code comes out, but you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't use at least some of them.

If you are in the market to make a deposit, feel free to check the News portion of the website, or even the front page. It will tell you what's going on at the time, usually featuring the most prominent codes on the website itself. Signing up will also give you some other bonus rewards in the form of code such as these.


All the different codes you have do operate within some very standard parameters that regulate all of the different promotions and bonuses. Cashing out wagering for example has some specific requirements. Depending on the games and your code, there are certain maximum drawl limits based on the codes that you are using. These range from $500 on the low-end, to $5000 on the high-end. The more you can play on the website and the more money you win, the more they are usually willing to give you. We are surprised they went this route, as the people that are playing the most are already hooked on the website. Still, as a reward, they're willing to give the best players the most money, which we're sure you can appreciate.

No matter how you use your bonus codes, and whether you use them to make a deposit or not, just be sure to keep them handy for when the time rolls around. They all tend to have expiration dates, typically lasting a week or two. For that reason, keeping a file of these handy is recommended, and one that you could easily access, because otherwise, you're probably going to forget!