Wager Beat Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

You can be forgiven for passing up a website like this because in many ways it blends in with many others. That would be a mistake, however! This website is definitely a diamond hidden among the many others and has very humble trappings. With a lot of ways to get money and a wonderful selection of titles, it is hard to find a package as well rounded as this one.

About the Casino

This is predominantly a wager beat site that will feature games from that catalog with a common deposit method. It is a website that resembles many others, but rest assured, they are very much their own thing! The games in particular are quite fun, the following being our favorites.

Best Slots to Play

Among all the different wager beat titles, will you think that the best ones are those that are added more recently. They have had time to get out some of the finer details that we didn't quite approve of in the earlier offerings.

Northern Gods

This is one of the more recent titles that we have had the good pleasure of trying out. It is somewhat Roman and Norse themed, having a good aesthetic to it that makes you just wait for that big jackpot to show up! When you see the jackpot start rolling in, you'll realize why everything about the advertising materials for this game are made out of gold.

Magic Show

A hard slot to place, the theme is definitely not out of place, that's for sure! Featuring many bonus features that are sure to entice you and lots of sleight of hand, this is a cute and well thought out slot machine game about something that we're honestly not sure we've ever seen in the online pokie world.

Enchanted Story

If you like the above slot and wanted one that was them a little more after prince charming, then this one is for you. The former was more targeted to men, and this one is definitely targeted at women. Featuring a wonderful handsome man that's willing to charm you off your feet, he will also do you the pleasure of giving you quite a few free spins in the process. Well thought out, well produced, and well-made overall!

Aztec Eclipse

We have seen many games themed after the ancient culture and civilization, but this one is a somewhat unique take on the genre. They go into things in a way that brings new life into it, making them more like Native Americans than anything else. We enjoyed this aspect of it in particular, featuring bright and colorful people instead of a civilization assumed to be long gone!

Secret No Deposit Bonus Codes for Everyone

These pop-up the longer you been on the website, I have you if you have signed up for certain things such as the newsletter. If you're lucky enough to grab one of these wonderful codes, you can expect up to trip your deposit bonus and other things like that. We are always on the lookout for coats like this, I recommend you be on your toes. Seeking them out as well!

Free Money Bonus Codes for Signing Up

This site doesn't give you many free spins, but makes up for it and then some by giving you all kinds of free money. For example, you can get triple your first deposit bonus, which goes up to $3000. You can also get 200% up if you're willing to put down at least $3000. There are many other mathematical holidays here that make you wonder if they thought this through, but it really is thousands of dollars of free money if you're willing to play the games!

Many Free Chips

Websites like this don't offer much in the way of free spins or free chips. They have instead decided to give you free money so that you can get your own and decide how you would like to use them. Part of the reason for this is that many of the games require you to place a path and decide what line to put it on. Because that makes it complicated to have a general trip that is useful all over, we can understand why they did that.

How Do You Get a Bonus Code for These Games?

It's actually pretty easy to get a bonus code for any of the games, or the website in general. Sometimes the bonus code say that they are for a particular game, but because they're all tied together by the website, technically one bonus code will work across all of them. The most they have to do with making a deposit, giving you a bonus based on the amount that you put down. You couldn't use this money to play any of the wonderful games, chiefly among them the ones we recommended that just came out.

Any Free Play Codes?

If you are a good enough customer to the website and have play long enough, chances are you will be lucky enough to get one of these free play codes if you so desire. They let you spend any of the games without putting down any of your hard-earned money, although the winnings are somewhat limited when you do so. Still, we can't put down a free spin when we see one!

Bitcoin Bonus Codes too!

If you are smart enough to use the latest and greatest way to transfer money online to place your deposit and cash out, you'll be given a standard 10% bonus for doing so! This is their gift to you for getting with the times. If you don't use bitcoin, you can still use Visa or MasterCard to do your business, it's just not going to be as lucrative for you. We really can't think of any reason you wouldn't want to jump on bitcoin here, so please do! The bonus is applied automatically.

How to Deposit on the Site

The main ways to make a deposit around here are Visa and MasterCard. NeoSurf is also an option. These are time-tested methods to get money across people on the Internet, and will work with any credit card or debit card that is a part of that network.

We really do recommend using bitcoin instead for your transactions, however. All of the times we've done it, we have been given bonus money for doing so. If free money isn't enough incentive to get you to try bitcoin, we're not sure what it is!

No Deposit Bonus Codes Needed!

Even if you don't have a bonus code, you're welcome to get some extra money if it's your first deposit, or if you decide to use bitcoin. No matter how you decide to do it, bonus codes are necessary to use all aspects of the site. They do, however, make them all a lot more profitable, so we recommend keeping them in mind while you're browsing, and sign up for any relevant newsletters so you can be notified of holiday promotions when they arise!