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Red Sands Slots

Red Sands Slots
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If you have never paid a visit to the Bovada Casino before and you’re wondering what to expect, head over to the website now for a review of the site itself. One of its most notable slots games is the Red Sands Slots. Try downloading and playing it now for a taste of the Australian Outback!

How many reels and paylines does the game use?

Red Sands slots works with five reels and twenty paylines in total. You can bet on as many or as few of those paylines as you wish, depending on how much you want to bet per line, what your budget is and so on.

How much can you bet on it?

As with many of the slots games at the Bovada Casino, you have the chance to wager a bet of between one penny and five pounds on this game. This is in British pounds and the amounts go up in stages.

You also have to multiply that betting amount by the number of paylines you are betting on, to get your total bet per game.

Which special symbols can win you bigger prizes?

You can expect to see symbols here that are related to the Australian Outback. For instance the scatter symbol is illustrated by a moon scape. This is worth two, four, ten or fifty times the amount you have wagered, depending on how many moon scapes you get on the reels.

Watch out for the kangaroo too – this is a substitute and as such it stands in for everything apart from the moon mentioned above. Substitutes double your winnings as well, so they are good for more than one reason!

Is there anything else to be aware of?

The game has an auto play feature if you want to use it, but make sure you are happy with the level of bets you have placed beforehand. You should also be happy with the number of paylines you are betting money on. This is because the auto play will use these figures to play with continually unless you choose to stop it.

Can you win it big in the Australian Outback?

You may do if you try your hand at Red Sands slots today. With koalas and other Australian animals thrown into the mix as well, there is plenty to play for as you watch for the reels to stop spinning.