Slotastic Casino

If you are looking for a very straightforward online casino that welcomes US players then maybe it would be wise to check out Slotastic Casino which is powered by RealTime Gaming software. They are registered under the jurisdiction of the Cyprus and were founded in 2009 by the Orange Consultants Ltd. The name Slotastic appears to say it all but do not be deceived. Their specialty is slots however there is a lot more going on in here than slots.

Shiny Casino Lobby

Have you ever wanted access to the entire catalog of slot machine games from a single screen? Have you ever wanted a general overview of everything on the website, including all of the jackpots and payouts in real time? Then the casino lobby is for you! One screen, all of the information.

Join the Casino as Fast as You’d Like

Getting going is fast and easy, all you need is an email address on the deposit method if you would like to join and make an account. You can use pretty much any transaction method you desire, and within minutes, you can literally be winning millions of dollars! Assuming you are very, very lucky that is.

Does this Casino Accept USA / Australia / Canada / European Players?

Leaving no one out and nobody left behind, players from all over the world are welcome and encouraged to join this site. Whether you are from Europe, Australia, a Canadian, or the good old United States of America, you are equally as able to use and operate the website for however long you would like. It is all perfectly legal in all of these countries, and none of it is shady or backhanded!

All Online Casino Games for Free

You don’t even need to put down any real money if you were looking to have some fun! You were able to play for free, and will have absolutely no trouble getting started. You can instantly jump into any of the casino games that you see, and all of them are available to you without putting down a single penny!

All Online Casino Games for Real Money Too!

If you are willing to put down a little bit of money, you will be getting real money in return that is really decent! Combined with the very generous deposit bonuses that they have going on, you will not be wanting for very long for something to enjoy as a reward using your earnings. The payout rates are good, and all of the money is processed very quickly!

New Slots Updated

Additional games are added to the roster as soon as they become available. If you are worried that the titles will grow stagnant, or you will have to go to another website to get in on a good and a new release, put those fears to rest. All of the latest games are added to this website at a good pace, and it is one of the first you will frequently see many of the bigger ones!

Competitive Tournaments

If you are looking to compete with other people for an increased chance of winning based on your own levels of skill at cards, then you are able to do that around here! Be warned, however, that everyone else around here is at least as good as you are, and tournaments can get quite heated. There’s no reason to shy away, however, and most people end up with a good payout.

Casino Payouts are Big!

Speaking of payouts, they are as good as they get around here! Whether it is through jackpots, bonuses, or good old fashion luck, you can expect around a 96% return to player based on your time spent with it. This doesn’t mean you have a 96 percent chance of winning, but does mean you have a 96% chance of getting something, no matter how small that may be!

Tempting Rewards

If you login at just the right time, make a deposit during a holiday season, or related things, you will often get additional money to put forward to your gambling needs. You are also at times be rewarded for using particular deposit methods, making it all a fun way to win big on the Internet that pays you for the loyalty of being a customer!

Fast Mobile Casino (iPad/Android/iPhone)

If you are like the rest of us and would like to enjoy a casino wherever you are, rest assured that the mobile devices that you have will definitely work with this website. Whether it is through a need of application for it, or the website itself, it has a very contemporary interface that makes using it all a breeze.

Well Made Online Casino App

If you are not a fan of using the web browser, you are able to use it from your phone innovative device as well. They all look at operate about the same, however, because of how well-made they both are. We can without hesitation recommend these to anybody that is looking to play either through a native application or online!

Playing Without Registration is Free

If you are free to give your account information over to get started, have no fear! You do not actually need an account to get started around here, and can play any of these games with a click of a button. Using the lobby feature, you can browse the entire catalog, and from there, be spending any single one of them without putting down a single cent!

Instant Play from Anywhere

Like we just said, you do not even need to make an account to enjoy this website. Real money takes a real account and real deposit methods, but you can instantly play any of these games no matter how you access the website. Whether on a native app or the Internet, they all play instantly!

Casino Affiliate Program

If you are as big of a fan as we are of this website, telling your friends can earn you some real money! They have a nice and well thought out affiliate program that will pay you just to share things about the website on various social media platforms.

Casino Bookie is Good

If you are ever needing someone to break down the odds that a certain team will win at any event all around the world, this website does all that for you. Their bookie feature is easy to understand, well laid out, and just as informed as any of the best around the world!

Sports Betting Worldwide

You are able to bet on sporting events here as well, which is the main use of the bookie feature. If you are a sports fan that has insider knowledge and advanced abilities to predict the outcome of the game, then why not make some money on it around here? It’s probably the best way to watch the Super Bowl, making it a real event with people from all over the world!

Vibrant Casino Blog / Forums

Many users love this website, which is quite evident from the active forums and their updated blog. They have a nice magazine that serves as their blog division, making things feel very premium in nature, having high production values too!

Innovative Live Dealer Casino

If you would like to play with real people and real time, they have a generous offering there too! You are able to play live with people from all over the world, with only your own skill and cards being what stands between you and winning some real money!

Many Great Deposit Methods

You are welcome and encouraged to use any deposit method you like around here, the main ones being Western Union and bitcoin. They have all of the obscure methods alongside of that, however, so there is no reason to worry about any of those, or if you will be able to get money into and out of the website!

Cash Out Instantly and Lucratively

If you want to get your money in a hurry, then you are able to do that here just as fast as you could anywhere else. They encourage you to use bitcoin, but pretty much anything is available to you if you would like to cash out. It happens instantly with bitcoin, making it our preferred method!

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Payments and Promos Always Going On

If you are kind enough to use bitcoin, they will return the favor and give you bonuses for doing so. Much like a deposit bonus, you will typically get another bonus if you use bitcoin to make it. If you cash out in bitcoin, all the better! They have promotions going on all year round to encourage you to try it, assuming you are not a bitcoin millionaire already.

The Master of Slots

When it comes to slot games it would be fair to say that Slotastic Casino does have all slots...great bonus round slots...classic slots...and a lot more. You will however find other gaming choices such as blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Keno, 21, Rummy and Video Poker. Try the ocean-themed Ocean Dreams slots. The 5-reel, 25-payline slot game is set in the tropics. Watch for the golden Orcas for the biggest prizes. Other benefits to this slot game include multipliers of up to 1000x. Island scatters deliver free games, up to 100 of them to be exact.

Welcome Bonuses

There is up to $500 offered to players with the welcome deposit bonus that Slotastic Casino features. Slotastic Casino offers their bonuses in a unique manner though with $100 given to players who make their first deposit, a $200 bonus for the paycheck of the month, $100 for the slot of the week and $100 for the progressive on the month.

Customer support

Customer support is always important to players and Slotastic Casino and while this casino does have good customer isn't great. The reason for this is that they do not offer live chat which is the fastest and most convenient way to receive answers to any questions. This is particularly true for problems or questions that have to do with the download or registration process. While Slotastic Casino is aware of the need to the meantime you have to rely upon the toll-free phone numbers that are offered for those calling from the US. You can also choose email but there is no guaranteed time line in which they must respond to any questions or concerns and this could cost them customers who simply lose momentum while waiting and go somewhere else. Email can be a bigger hassle since it takes more time if further questions need to be answered.

Premier Quality

At Slotastic Casino you can be assured that you will receive crisp graphics and smooth game play. Slotastic Casino offers software in download or instant play format. Remember that Real Time Gaming Software is one of the leading providers for online gaming today.

Maybe it is time for you to stop in...virtually of Slotastic Casino and see whats going on here!