Black Magic Slots

Release your inner witch with this slot from Liberty Slots Casino. If you love a good scare or are a fan of Halloween, you will love Black Magic. You may not be scared, but you will have screams of happiness as the huge jackpots and payouts start rolling your way. With some eerie graphics and bone chillingly high quality sounds, you will quickly be under the spell of Black Magic. Since this is a Wager Gaming Technology game, you can be sure that it is a user friendly and high class little witch's brew. So get out your wand and start raking in the cash with Black Magic Slots.

Ingredients for Black Magic

There are several different symbols on the reels of this game. They are really simple to follow and do not take much to get used to. You won't find the normal nine through ace that many different slots have but this game conjures up some really fun symbols. The normal symbols on this one consist of crystals, skulls, artic owls, snakes, black widow spiders, white bats, candles, clay pots, witch hats, and tombstones. The symbols to look for are the witch and the full moon though. These two can change your fate for the better when they appear. The witch is the wild symbol and will sub for anything but the moon and will pay out with just one. The full moon triggers the bonus game when three or more appear anywhere on the screen, but you get paid when only two or more arrive.

The Crystals will tell in the Black Magic Bonus

There is no need for eye of newt or tongue of bat to cast this get rich spell. You don't even need to be smarter than a gold fish to really make some money here. This bonus game is very simple. Once you activate it, you will be taken to another screen with 6 crystals. Under each symbol is a prize. Uncover all six prizes and the money will be all yours. There are no tricks or gimmicks here, just pure prize money for the taking.

Where to Cast your Spell

This delightful midnight romp around the old fire can be spotted at Liberty Slots Casino. With the ridiculous bonuses and payouts it offers combined with the constant winnings from this game, you may be giving Bill Gates a loan before you are done.