$100,000 won by an unemployed woman in Pennsylvania

Black Magic Slots
One lucky player at Liberty Slots Casino raked in a huge win to the tune of $100,000. The woman known only as Janeta is an unemployed account manager in Pennsylvania. Janeta decided to cash in her free spins and the bonuses that she triggered and this was exactly how she made the big win.

When Janeta started playing she got a few small wins but that was just what she needed to boost her confidence and that is when she decided to play Dragon Master slots game, where she bet $225. From there she activated the free spins feature and hit for 25 grand. Instead of walking away, Janeta was enjoying herself way too much.

Janeta started playing Black Magic slot and triggered the bonus round right away winning almost 30 grand; 15 minutes later on that same game she won another 10 grand. Again she switched games and went to La Cucaracha and won another $18,500 but she was not done yet. She bounced over to The Reel Deal, chose the correct suitcase and won another $17,000. Finally, Janeta was finished.

Janeta had become unemployed in September and claims the winnings were a message from God telling her that everything is going to be okay until she finds another job. Janeta’s plans include retirement funds and a family vacation.