Ozwin Casino

This casino is a premier location for real time gaming titles that is open to players from around the world. If you want pokies that have high production values, epic competitions, and promotions to make your friends jealous, then this is definitely a website you’re going to come back to often. It also has a wonderful sense of style, and great web design. This goes along way to making it an easy recommendation, which we’re not sure many other casinos can top!

Great Bonuses and Promos

For starters, the welcome bonus here is unreasonably generous. You’ll get a 400% bonus as well as 100 free spins. That’s phenomenal considering just how well of these games pay out! If you’re going to be adding in bitcoin on top of that, that you were definitely in for a treat. It is very easy to get up to $4000 when you join the website, split into two. They also have plenty of other promotions that are ongoing regularly, as well as weekly events.

What example of these many promotions is their weekly draw. In it, you get weekly freebies if you deposit within the week’s span of time. Sometimes this will be for a particular game, and most of the time you need to deposit at least $100 to qualify. The free stuff tends to be from $500-$1000, and that’s still a lot of money that you wouldn’t have had otherwise! This is on top of the other bonuses that are always going on, such as getting 50% cashback at times, or deals on special games.

Our Top Games

There are many fan favorite games around here that are legends at other casinos. Some of these are going to be familiar to long time slot machine players, and others will be new. Still, however, they are worth mentioning so you could get an idea of the titles featured here.

One of our favorite titles is Aztec’s millions. This title features a progressive jackpot, and the volatility is very high. At the time of this writing, the jackpot is around $4 million. That’s not a typo! If you happen to be there at the right time, you can enjoy $4 million in winnings.

Alongside of that is Asgard, which is a Norse god themed game in the style of Thor and Oden. This feature’s a very realistic art style and even real or winnings! This game is not as high in volatility as the last, but still pretty good. It also features in advance 243 line betting system. This makes it both fun to look at, as well as completely fun to play.

Ancient gods is another hit tired of that is quickly rising up in the ranks. It is an Asian themed game with a wonderful art style based on Chinese mythology. The volatility here is medium, so you will win more often, but in lower amounts. With only 25 lines, it’s nothing new, but still fun to play!

As a final recommendation from us, we will advise you to head on over to play one of the cash bandits titles. These games don’t have progressive jackpot that are all that high at the time of this writing, and the volatility is only medium. They do feature one of our favorite art styles, however, which we absolutely adore. If you fancy yourself a fan of that kind of thing, and love a well drawn game, then they are going to be your top picks for a while!

Huge Jackpots

One of the main reasons players enjoy games around here is because most of them are jackpot ridden. Featuring over 250 games in total, that’s quite a few jackpots! You can access all these from a central location, so it’s easy to see which ones are getting higher at the time. They also have many bonus features because their games are brought to you by real time gaming. These are the games that the pros love to play the most, and they certainly know more about gambling than everybody else!

VIP Rankings

The casino also likes to give rewards to players that are very loyal to the website. Everybody has different ranks on the website, much like in a role-playing game. They come up with cute little names, images, and bonuses based on how long you have been playing. This is a nice step up from most websites, we are not even sure they realize you have an account!

The lowest level on the website is just half a star, being a tourist. This gives you 24 seven chat support, 25% cashback, and a low bonus every day. After that, at one star, you are a pathfinder. This raises the cash back up to 30%, and you get a medium amount of daily bonus. After that is a two star adventurer, which gets 35% cashback, and even more bonuses from there. This goes up to expert at three stars for 40% cash back into daily bonuses that are quite high. The last, and definitely not the least, are the hero and absolute legend levels. These are four and five stars, respectively. You get a VIP team, premium support, two huge daily bonuses, and 45% cashback for the higher level. At the legend level, you get a personal host that handles all of your support. You also get 50% cashback, and two monstrous daily bonuses. The way to make your way up the ranks is simply to keep putting down more money and playing. Although you technically are paying for the privilege, the privileges are quite nice, and they didn’t have to do that!

Open to Players the World Over

If you’re wondering whether or not you can play here, this website is open to regions of all kinds. Whether you are in the US, Canada, Europe, or Australia, if you can read this text, you can play on this website. They are open to anyone that is open to gambling, which has swept the world by storm. Online gambling has only become more profitable as people have stayed indoors more due to COVID-19 and related things.

There are also many other standard features here to consider that put it on par with all the other casinos out there, even the ones from countries lesser than Australia. For starters, you can use pretty much any form of transaction you are used to. Why do you have bitcoin, Visa, or MasterCard, they have you covered. If you want to withdraw your money, you are limited to bank transfer or bitcoin, however. To make up for this, you are given a discount, if you use bitcoin. That’s a cancer getting more money for doing nothing, so we can’t complain. They also have top-notch security on all of your transactions, giving you 128 bit encryption, and securing every single one of your deposits and withdrawals. No matter what you’re doing here, you know that it can be done safely.

You are also able to get tech-support no matter the time of day, and it will get accordingly better based on how much money and time you put into the website. The low tier support is still perfectly fine, but it is nice to have your own personal representative if you are a highroller!