Kudos Casino

Kudos isn't just a great name for a fun online casino. You'll soon discover Kudos is something you can collect, too. We'll reveal more about that in a moment, but first, let's dive in and see how you can win even when you don't…

Enjoy 150% cash back on your first deposit

The welcome deal at Kudos Casino is unusual compared with other casino offerings. Whatever you deposit on the day you join the casino, they will give you 150% Daily Kudos for doing so. Players are awarded Kudos Credits when they bet on games and don't win.

Basically, if you play some games and you win, you'll receive fast payouts when you ask for them. But if you make bets and you don't win, you'll receive Kudos instead. It works like cash back, and the team at Kudos Casino will deposit the accrued Kudos into your account at the end of each day. This is an unusual deal, but we think it is a winner.

When you sign up for an account, you'll be enrolled into the Kudos Club to start collecting those Kudos right then and there.

Choose your preferred playing method

Scroll down the home page and you'll reveal the three methods by which you can access their casino to play their games:

  • Mobile casino
  • Software download
  • Instant play

Just select the one that appeals and get started. The home page also gives you a taste of the progressive jackpot totals that are waiting to be won that day. When we visited, the total had reached an incredible $6,457,051!

Some cool games to try your luck with

Superior slots, 3D games, feature guarantee elements… it's all here at Kudos Casino. There are seasonal games such as Swindle All the Way, while feature guarantee elements can be found in titles such as Hairway to Heaven. Enjoy the fun of Hillbillies Cashola and Honey to the Bee, too.

You may notice a theme here - namely that the games are provided by RealTime Gaming (RTG). This guarantees you a chance to make the most of the best games online today.

Much more to discover at Kudos Casino

There is enough here to pique the curiosity of any keen casino player. When you step through the doors, you'll want to grab that welcome deal and choose your way to play first. From there, it's up to you where you go and what you want to play first. Good luck!