Food Fight Slots

We’ve been told that food fighting isn’t the done thing. But if you want to download and play Food Fight slots from the Bovada Casino, you can try it in your own home without getting covered in the process.

Here’s what you can look forward to when you play Food Fight slots.

How many reels and paylines is the game comprised of?

This game has five reels to watch out for and nine lines. You can see where the lines fall by pressing the lines button until they are all shown on the screen.

What are the smallest and largest betting amounts?

This game is set up slightly differently to many other slots games you will see. For instance there are six different betting amounts to choose from, and you select the one you want before you begin. They range from one penny to five pounds at this casino (it is a UK casino, so the prices are in British pounds).

How do you set up the machine to bet on exactly the lines and amounts you want?

This is a bit more complex than some of the games, so make sure you figure out how it works first. For starters, as you press the lines button you will see the number of lines you are betting on going up. Make sure you are happy with the number before proceeding.

Similarly, every time you press the bet one button, you’ll bet between one and five coins on each line. The multiplied total appears in the next box along. All you have to do then is click on the spin button to do just that. If you want the maximums just click the bet max button.

Are there any bonus games with the Food Fight slots?

No, you won’t find any on this game. But you can change the game to play with higher stakes if you wish.

Keep an eye on the ‘winner paid’ box – it shows you how lucky you’ve been!

At the end of each spin this box will display the number of credits you have won in that go. This is the easiest way to keep an eye on how well you are doing.

Why not try playing Food Fight slots now and see whether you can line up some pizzas, burgers, tomatoes or more? You never know, grabbing some food could be luckier than you think.