Launching Soon Hillbillies Cashola Slots Game

Thar is gold in them thar hills, the Hillbillies Cashola Slot game gets you close to the hills and loads of fun and plenty of winnings. Why not hang out with those cool dudes the Hillbillies they believe life is for living and having fun.

Now you want to know who you are hangin’ out with, the Elder hillbilly is Billy Bob, the younger hillbilly guy is Billy Bubba, and that very attractive blond lady is Billy Jo, the animals on the hillbilly homestead is the hound dog, and the pig who is been washed in the tub, afterwards they will bring out the moonshine and all will sit down on the porch rocking and discussing the day drinking moonshine by the way.

Each of the three characters will act as a substitute with other symbols or the card symbols from Ace to nine, this will create winning combinations, five of them on the reels gives a real shakin’ 5,000 coins as a payout. If you get two of a kind of the three characters or more, it starts a bonus round of 8 free games. So if you looking for some hillbilly fun, this is the game to play.