Rain Dance Slots

If you love slots games then you should definitely visit the Bovada Casino to download and play Rain Dance Slots. The casino is also reviewed on the CasinoSlotGames.com, so be sure to read it to see what you think.

Take Rain Dance Slots Mobile!

Rain Dance is now mobile and this Native American Indian themed slot looks great when played on all smartphones and tablets. The brilliant theme carries over well to mobile and the high definition graphics look so good, and of course you'll get the same awesome features and winning ways as you get when playing the regular online online slot. The touch screen navigation makes for a perfectly smooth playing experience, no matter where you get your Rain Dance mobile slots action.

In the meantime, let's see how the Rain Dance Slots work.

How many reels and paylines does this slots game have?

The game has five reels and twenty paylines, and it's up to you how many of these paylines - or how few - you choose to bet on each time.

What kind of money can you bet?

This game is priced in UK pounds, so you'll find the cheapest bet is just one penny. From here you can go up by increments to reach a maximum amount of £5 per bet. This is then multiplied by however many lines you want to bet on, from one to twenty.

What symbols are there in the game?

This slots game has a distinct American West theme, with eagles, coyotes and dreamcatchers all waiting to appear on the reels for you. There are also certain numbers and letters that can win you smaller prizes as well.

What kind of special symbols should you look out for?

The Indian chief appears as a substitute symbol. This means he stands in for any other kind of symbol in the game, and if you get a combination with him as a part of it you will win double what you would have won before.

Watch out for the coyotes as well, since these are scatter symbols and they can win you more money. They can also win you a number of free games - as many as one hundred of them if you have enough of them appearing at the same time.

Can you play for free as well as betting real money?

Yes you can, and this gives you the chance to get to know the game better before you actually start wagering real money on it. You can see how it works and figure out what those special symbols look like before playing the game for real and trying to win it big as a result.

Why not try playing Rain Dance today to see if you can match up the best American West symbols to win a lot of money? The wigwams could win you up to 5,000 credits if you get a Chief as well!