Betus Casino

Once you have read our casino review about BetUS Casino here, you'll know the answer. This is an unusual casino - it's only part of a much bigger offering from BetUS. Once you know that and you have accepted it, you are more likely to be impressed by what you find there.

Does that make you curious? We bet it does. Let us take you to the site and show you what is in store.

Software information: Who provides the games?

It looks like the games displayed on the site are created by DGS. That may be a new name for you and if so, this is a good opportunity to find out more about it.

More than one lobby available here

Confusing? It might be to start with. There are three casinos here, the BetUS one on the left, the Classic in the middle, and the Slot Zone on the right. They're all part of BetUS though, so are they truly different?

You'll find different game selections in each, with separate subheadings in all but the slots one too. It makes it simpler to find table games, card games, some poker, or whatever you are looking for, but you should be aware of where the different areas are.

Sign up to the casino today

They have put a JOIN button at the top of the page, so you need to select it and follow the steps to get started.

Can everyone sign up to play?

No, a few countries cannot join, as indicated by the list in their terms and conditions. Canada is not welcome, unfortunately. The USA is, though, and people living in Australia and the UK are fine to sign up too. Only a few countries in Europe appear on that list, so if you live on that continent, check and see whether yours is mentioned.

Games are spread through the three casino areas

Expect to see some blackjack and roulette, card games, and poker. They also have some bingo and keno. And, of course, slots.

A small selection of slots

Small, indeed, numbering just a few dozen. There are hundreds at some casinos but BetUS seems content to keep the quantity small here.

They still manage to cover multiple topics though, so you might be eager to see whether there are a few practice titles to try on topics that appeal. We saw slots based around horoscopes, Irish good luck, landmarks, and the boogeyman among others.

Trying some demo games

This is the best way to try a few of the games at BetUS Casino. You'll spot lots of appealing games for sure, so why not try a few? The only thing to remember is that an account is needed to do this. Try without one and you will be asked to log in.

Are the games affordable to play?

Some slots are penny slots, so yes, there are games that should suit most budgets. Make sure you know what the smallest wager is if you cover all the lines in a slot game though. The good thing is that each game logo in the lobby has the smallest and largest bet values underneath it.

Find new slot games in the casino guide

This is hard to spot. We only found it by accident. The guide is in the menu that is reached from the bottom of the casino pages. Once inside the guide, you can see some of the titles soon being added to the site. It doesn't say when, though.

What about some casino promotions?

We all love these, and BetUS gives us some good deals to choose from. It is good to consider whether you want to use other parts of the site before you deposit, though.

For example, a 100% deposit deal does exist for the casino. However, if you like placing sports wagers, you might prefer the 100% sportsbook offer that comes with a 25% bonus for the casino too.

Our best advice is always to visit the promotions page once you've logged in. Do this before making a deposit. If you don't, you could miss out on what would have been a good deal.

BetUS Casino offers tournaments too

They are presented in their own section, although you can see a few of the upcoming events underneath that section. The ones we saw related to roulette and blackjack - no mention of slot tourneys anywhere.

Winners aren't announced by the casino

At least, we failed to find any evidence of this.

They offer rewards via the loyalty program

Collect points as you play and retain them inside the program. Log in to view your own loyalty status whenever you wish. There are different levels to progress through as well.

You can visit using a mobile device too

This gets better still, because no app is needed for this regardless of whether you use iOS or Android. Smartphones, tablets… all good. The casino works with your browser to give you the best mobile experience.

You cannot play unless you register for an account

This means you'll need to register before you can play even one demo game. It doesn't take long though, and you'll be able to try anything you like once your free account is open. You won't be asked to deposit anything unless you wish to do so.

Instant play rather than download

Do you prefer instant play games to a downloadable casino? If so, you'll be pleased to hear the BetUS Casino lobby is easy to access via your browser. Well, all three lobby areas qualify in this manner!

Affiliate access is available too

If you have a website that appeals to casino players, look at the BetUS affiliate program. It is managed by RevMasters and the site is connected to via a link at BetUS. Look for this at the bottom of the site.

BetUS is more than just a casino

Throw in a racebook, a sportsbook, some eSports, and other areas as well, and you can see why we said there is more on offer here than a casino.

Don't expect to read any blog posts

A blog has yet to be added to the casino. They don't have a forum either, but that much is to be expected, as no casino we can think of does have one.

You won't see any live dealer games

Not at this casino, sadly - and we did check all three areas.

How to deposit money into your account

BetUS accepts a range of deposit methods such as credit cards, virtual currencies, and cash transfers.

Withdrawing anything you've won

If you meet their requirements, you can choose one of several methods to get access to your cash. Cryptocurrencies are fine, but they offer other options too. View these inside your account. They can be location dependent.

Bitcoin makes good sense to use

They do have Bitcoin bonuses, after all. Look for the crypto special deal in the promotions area to learn more. Bitcoin is one of the faster ways to get a withdrawal as well.

Use live chat if you need some help

You can find it in the bottom right corner of your screen. They tell you where you are in the queue as well, so if you feel you cannot wait, you can return later.