Bess & Becky Slots

If you like voluptuous fairies, then you have found your game! Most games tends not to feature them all that much out of the title image, they still manage to work their charm all throughout the production. If you in general like children stories, fantasy themed work, and anything that features beautifully rendered women, then you’ll probably like it. There are many other games like this out there, but do you have them come together in so tightly and the executor the package.

Lots and Lots of Fairies on the Slot Reels

One thing that you will notice about this game is just how many fairies they managed to pack in here. Whether you match three, four, or five of them, you can win a wide variety of different things. Each of them is very unique, and not at all retreads of one another. They somewhat took different genre approaches and themes to each of the different fairies. We think this is wonderful. It gives everything a very lavish look to it that is not at all lazy. Most games in the fantasy genre just give you random crap, right after hooking you with a nice title image. Here, however, everything looks great.

One thing that we would say about the graphics in general is that they have a very hidden forest kind of feel. Taking a somewhat medieval theme in time and get in with the enchanted Forest aesthetic, they have crafted something that looks like a mix of nights and merchants. It works pretty good even in the areas that have nothing to do with fairies. We have a particular think that the graphics of the reels themselves are stunning. We do not usually like suits of playing cards, but with the fault of the way they are wonderfully rendered here, they look as good as silver and gold.

Great Gameplay

Getting to the game play, this one plays it fairly safe by being five reels, having bonus rounds, and offering though progressive jackpots are innovative ways of betting. The coin sizes here are your usual bet, starting off at just pennies, and working your way up into the $10 range. It’s up to you how much you want to bet across the 15 different lines, so you should know that the maximum about that you can win if anyone spent is $150 before multipliers.

After the general spinning mechanics, you can expect to have two fun bonus rounds that will keep you playing and winning. One of them is a fairly standard free spins feature. It’s not a bonus round so much as it is a gift, but we wouldn’t leave it for anything! You can also get a treasure chest bonus round if you happen to find enough of them. These bonus rounds here are where you can with the biggest money. We think that of all the different bonuses we’ve seen in fairy themed games, this one definitely is the best.

Bovada’s Best

This should come as no surprise, as it’s brought to you by Bovada Gaming. Bovada gaming is known to be the chief competitor of other brands like real time gaming. They have taken it upon themselves to offer a higher pay outs to make up for other qualities that tend to be relatively lacking in their games. With how well this game itself came out in other ways, however, you could be forgiven for not noticing that there was anything else lacking about it at all! We definitely think that they are upping their game with their newer titles like these

As per the things that you could match themselves, they offer five different fairies, which are the babes in bow that you want. Outside of that, you can find chests, and the usual suits of cards. As we said, the card graphics here are quite lovely. We actually would love if we could use this part and other things because of how well it came out. Forgive us if it ends up being something standard, but we really do love good calligraphy like this!

Great Art Style

In between spinning, you’re probably going to look at the art style and I like to notice all of the little details. Everything seems to tell a little story, acting like a hidden garden out there in a magical world. The animations that accompany this game is also pretty good. They have taken it upon themselves to have everything span in a very fluid and fast way. It looks like a general slot machine game, but you can tell that there’s a little bit going on here that has more value.

The thing that definitely stands out the most here is how the fairies themselves our matched. Each one of them takes up at most three vertical reels. This is unlike most other symbols that you will find in other Games. When they come onto the field, they could be shown at home, or in part. Depending on how much of them you see, you can match anything with another fairy of the same kind. For example, sometimes you might actually end up getting a whole bunch of fairies they were somewhat zigzagged around the field. You will then match their feet with their heads and hips in other areas, going in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal fashion.

Put another way, it is almost as if the fairies themselves are dancing on the real‘s, and everything else just happens to be falling into place to fit in the space around them. We are not sure if this mathematically makes sense, but we do think it may be why we want more often than we are used to elsewhere. This could also be because Bovada gaming tends to provide a higher than normal payout rate. Either way, we had a lot of fun, and walked away handsomely from this one, enough to become a lifelong fan!

Wouldn’t Change Much About It

If we were to change anything about this game, we would give those lovely fairy ladies a nice progressive jackpot to think about. It could easily appear over the top of the game, acting out something to look forward to the longer you play. This is otherwise minor thing to say about a very well produced game, however, so we won’t hold it against them too hard. Considering how easy it appears to be the match the fairies, we feel like were cheating when we play it at all!

If you are looking for something to meet the fairy itch, you definitely will not find games that took it as seriously as they do here. These fairies themselves look like they could be actual people, ripped from the tales of a lavish story. Alongside them are wonderful production values on everything else, a good amount of bonus rounds and free spins coming your way, and a general look and feel to it that is quite unique. If you consider yourself a fan of fairies of this kind, that you owe it to yourself to at least put this one into your general rotation. We personally don’t tend to like them, but fell in love with this game! It really is great.