Bulletproof Babes: The Best Manga Slot Ever

There’is hardly a popular topic that has not been adopted for an online slot game and Japanese manga has now joined the club with Bulletproof Babes Slots. Female warriors with fancy weapons and magical powers will be on the front lines to battle the forces of evil and help you in your quest to get rich quickly. This game has 5 reels and 20 paylines and some stunning features which somehow manage to overshadow its otherwise breath-taking looks.

Symbols of the Fighting Girls

Bulletproof Babes’ symbols are just as pleasant to behold as the babes themselves. There is the Moon, the Temple, the Girl Fight, the Wild Mistress (the wild symbol obviously) and many others. If the Moon icon shows up on your first reel and the Temple one appears on your fifth reel you will receive free spins. Both the Moon and The Temple are of special significance to your game because they are able to replace the rest of the symbol when it comes down to combinations that will bring you free spins. The wild symbol-the beautiful mistress will be able to replace every other symbol with the notable exception of the Girl Fight, The Moon and the Temple. Players should expect the Wild Mistress to make an appearance on the first, third and fifth reel.

Rules and Bonuses of the Babes

The bonus round will deliver to the players the satisfying amount of 25 free spins. During the free spins you might be fortunate enough to get a multiplier of 10, which is the maximum available in Bulletproof Babes. The scatter symbols are the only ones which pay in both directions, while the rest of them only work from left to right. For the sake of the player’s comfort the winnings on all the different lines are eventually added. If you make a winning combination through a scatter symbol your earning will be added to the rest of the line wins and will be multiplied by the entire bet. The biggest win available per a single paylines is 40 000x.

Join the Babes

In the company of these spectacular ladies you will be fully bulletproof against boredom and unsuccessful outcomes. The shiny visuals of Bulletproof Babes mirror the blazing glory of the girl warriors and the financial success of all the players who venture in this near-perfect slot game. Just as the babes defeat their enemies with ease, so will you defy the minimal odds and emerge victorious with plenty of profit in your possession at the end of the game.