Bulletproof Babes Slots

Bulletproof Babes Slots is one of those slots that manages to combine and very nicely merge in a black and white background with colour symbols and the result is very effective and especially appealing to those who like film noir. The background has been rendered like a pencil sketch on paper depicting an ancient Japanese temple with bonsai trees and other examples of nature.

Among the usual symbols including the yin-yang and a bonsai tree, there are a few more interesting symbols to behold, not least those of the game’s protagonists who have been chosen to match the elements of fire, metal, earth and water – the forces of nature. Ancient martial arts and esoteric knowledge are celebrated in the all-kicking all-dancing Bulletproof Babes.

This game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines and a line bet that can be set between 0.2 and 100 with wilds, scatters, a bonus feature that can reward you with up to 25 free spins, a multiplier up to 10xs, and a random progressive jackpot. Click the arrow symbol to the right of the reels when you're ready to begin and the action can commence.

Bulletproof Babes Slots is a pretty cool name for a slot or a movie. Could these girls be so named because they add butter to their coffee before starting the day? Could bulletproof coffee be the secret to why they kick so much? You will find pay table information tucked away behind a hamburger menu in the top left of the screen.

Bulletproof Babes Slots is a great slot, due to the graphics and the theme itself. This game is highly distinctive and its designers have really put some care into crafting the symbols. There are loads of Asian themed slots out there, some of which have a manga angle, but the aesthetics of these crime-fighting girls with their unique special powers gives this slot added appeal. Thanks to the inclusion of a progressive jackpot, there’s the potential to win some serious money.

The warrior princesses leap across the screen in full colour. Each of these women represents the five elements. There are two symbols: the Moon, which appears on reel 1 and the Temple, which appears on reel 5; both will allow you to choose a bulletproof babe to fight. The maximum win per spin is 40,000xs your bet per line. Another symbol you want to pay attention to is the Wild Mistress who will appear on reels 1, 3, and 5 only.

The Scatter appears as a fist punching an open hand while wild is a Japanese girl with a straw hat pulled over her head. It will appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 to substitute for all symbols except scatter. The various fighting girls who appear in the game worth as much as 2,000 for 5 on a pay line. Bulletproof Babes also has a progressive jackpot that is triggered at random in which it is possible to win up to 40,000x your line bet.

The symbols, all of which have been beautifully designed in a line art style, include a moon and a temple which will only appear on the 5th reel. When the moon lands on the 1st reel and the Temple on the 5th, you will be awarded free spins. Here you will be tasked with selecting one of the girls who will grant you as much as 25 free spins. You will also be awarded a multiplier of as much as 10x to further boost your winnings during free spins.

The bonus round will deliver to the players 25 free spins. During the free spins you might be lucky enough to get a multiplier of 10, which is the maximum available in Bulletproof Babes Slots. The scatter symbols are the only ones which pay in both directions, while the rest of them only work from left to right. For the sake of the player’s comfort the winnings on all the different lines are eventually added. If you make a winning combination through a scatter symbol, your earning will be added to the rest of the line wins and will be multiplied by the entire bet. The biggest win available per a single pay lines is 40 000x.

Bulletproof Babes’ symbols are just as pleasant to behold as the babes themselves. There is the Moon, the Temple, the Girl Fight, the Wild Mistress (the wild symbol obviously) and many others. If the Moon icon shows up on your first reel and the Temple one appears on your fifth reel you will receive free spins. Both the Moon and the Temple are of special significance to your game because they are able to replace the rest of the symbol when it comes down to combinations that will bring you free spins. The wild symbol-the beautiful mistress will be able to replace every other symbol with the notable exception of the Girl Fight, The Moon and the Temple. Players should expect the Wild Mistress to make an appearance on the first, third and fifth reel.

Bulletproof Babes Slots is a medium to high variance slot. In the company of these spectacular ladies you will be fully bulletproof against boredom and unsuccessful outcomes. The shiny visuals of Bulletproof Babes mirror the blazing glory of the girl warriors and the financial success of all the players who venture in this near-perfect slot game. Just as the babes defeat their enemies with ease, so will you defy the minimal odds and emerge victorious with plenty of profit in your possession at the end of the game.

Bulletproof Babes Slots requires no download. It invites the players to accompany the five lady warriors on the mission to garner points and gain some huge winnings. The theme is set to have the forces of nature in a grudge match with the players. This will test not only the luck of the players but also the will to win. The game can be played on any platform such as the only requirement is to have an Internet connection, and it is good to go.