Crystal Waters Slots

Even the name sounds seductive, and when you download and play Crystal Waters slots at Lucky Red Casino you’ll see why so many other people are already trying it out.

How many paylines and reels are used in this slots game?

The game has five reels to spin with each turn, and there are twenty paylines to play in total. You don’t have to play all of them each time, although the more paylines you bet on the better your chances are of winning a prize.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in play?

You can bet anything from one penny to five pounds on a single line in this game. As you can see it is priced in UK pounds.

Since there are twenty paylines in play you can bet anything from twenty pence for all of them with the minimum line bet, to a hundred pounds if you play the maximum bet on every line. Always check your budget before you decide how you want to play in this respect.

Watch out for the expensive yachts

Yachts are good in more ways than one. You’ll find out one of the benefits below, but before that you should know that if you get three yachts or more you’ll be rewarded with fifteen spins free of charge.

When you get free games you can get another benefit too, as you are about to find out.

Watch for the bonus fish too

The bonus fish definitely is a bonus when it swims into view during free spins. Watch for it to appear on the third reel – if you have a winning combination you can expect it to be even more profitable if you can add a bonus fish to it!

Does the game use substitutes and scatter symbols?

Yes it does – the substitute is the dolphin symbol, which stands in for every symbol with the yacht being the only exception. The scatter symbol is the yacht, and as we have already seen this offers a distinct advantage to those wanting to grab some free games.

Watch out for the help menu

There are four help pages built into this game, and you can access them from the game screen. These will tell you exactly which symbols pay out which amounts.

It’s worth checking out these pages before you play, regardless of whether you are playing Crystal Waters slots for free or for real.